This Blog is about my Plaskett Family History, a branch of my tree I have researched since 1997.
I think it’s important to make your family tree / your genealogy research accessible to as many people as possible so your hard work does not go to waste or worse still lost completely.
I am hoping this blog will assist others connected to the Plaskett family to further their own research and hopefully preserve our heritage for generations to come.

This branch of my tree stretches right back to Robard ‘Robert’ Plaskett who was born about 1568, Tichfield, Hampshire, England. He was the son of a Huguenot who fled france in the 16th century.

My full family tree is available on Ancestry.co.uk (Stephen’s Family Tree).

I will be updating this blog as regularly as I can, and squeeze in a bit of time to do so whilst looking after my little girl which I pretty much do full time 🙂
However feel free to contact me:
Stephen Kuta
Email: stephenrobertkuta@hotmail.com

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