Plaskett Watch, Clock and Chronometer Makers

Plaskett Watch, Clock and Chronometer Makers

Over the next few weeks, I am going to get my head down and start writing a few biographies for the Watch, Clock and Chronometer Makers in my family, and share a few things about this interesting trade.

My family have been involved in clock making since 1750 and continued right through until the late 1960’s, and they have all left behind a fascinating collection, with many works often appearing in auction houses across the world and selling for anything from £50 – £5000.

The first clock maker in my family was Peter Bower, who notably is the most famous and probably was a little eccentric too, He used to hang clock faces from all the trees in his garden to advertise his trade. He had a sad ending and died a pauper in 1795.

One of the families most famous clocks no longer exists, and was adorned Brighton’s West Pier, sadly the pier closed in 1975, now not much is left as a result of a fire in 2003 and the slow erosion from the sea.

A Plaskett Clock once graced Brightons West Pier.

below is a list of all known makers in my family, each of these people I will be writing about because they all have something interesting to tell.

  • Bower, Peter of Redlynch.
  • Plaskett, Charles of London and Cardiff.
  • Plaskett, George of Southampton.
  • Plaskett, James of London.
  • Plaskett, Peter of London.
  • Plaskett, Richard of Ilford.
  • Plaskett, Rueben of London and Bath.
  • Plaskett, William Rueben
  • Plaskett, William of London.
  • Plasketts of Hornchurch.

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